Built on the foot of Vermio and crossed by Tripotamo river, Veria was the second most important city during the years of development of ancient Macedonians. It was the second most important city after Aeges, while it continued to be a flourishing and strong city even during the Byzantine period (it was the third most important city of the Empire after Constantinople and Thessaloniki). Because of the many Byzantine monuments (nowadays more than 50 Byzantine and post Byzantine churches are preserved) it was also called “Mikri Ierousalim” (“Small Jerusalem”). Today it is a modern city, which still preserves its historic neighbourhoods and many remarkable monuments. Veria is located 510km BW of Athens and 68km W of Thessaloniki.

Veria is distinguished for its authentic Mediterranean city life, mixed together with significant historical and religious legacies. Veria’s attractive old town and numerous churches from the Byzantine period, make it worthwhile travel destination for visitors interested in history and archaeology. Veria is located in northern Greece, extremely close to the city of Thessaloniki, at the edge of the central Macedonian lowland. The foothills of the Vermio Mountain lie to the west, while in the south, a dam in Aliakmon River forms a small lake. Tripotamos river, an Aliakmon river tributary, flows through the city.

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