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A destination with 300 days of sunshine and a coastline more than 13.000 kilometers, Greece has been a muse to poets, musicians and all form of arts for centuries. Featuring a wide range of properties inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List such as the Acropolis in Athens, the archaeological sites of Delphi, Olympia, Mystras, Mycenae, the Medieval city of Rhodes and the Meteora as well as the breathtaking Caldera of Santorini (the largest caldera of the world).

Birthplace of drama, democracy, philosophy, culture, science and the Olympic Games; Greece offers a unique blend of history along with breathtaking views. Nowhere else in the world may you find 5.000 years of history in every street of every city that you visit. Greece lies between the Ionian and Aegean Seas and has over 1.400 islands floating just off its coastline, all offering their own exclusive view of the Greek lifestyle. The quality of the beaches and the sea water: safety, clarity, cleanliness and impressiveness are the distinctive features of the Greek bays. 387 beaches & 9 marinas have been awarded with a Blue Flag.

Join us to discover the hidden treasures ( hotels & travel arrangements) in Greece! We have chosen only the best for you, for unique holidays in a country that offers a journey in time and natural beauty, discovering the architectural sites, the olive groves, the islands, the history and the cities’ heartbeat all year around.

Key Facts

  • Athens

    Capital of Greece

  • Euro(€)

    The currency

  • Greek

    Official Language

  • +30

    International calling code

  • 11.306.183

    Population (2010 estimate)

  • 131,957 sq kms

    Area (50,949 square miles)


Greece has mild climate featuring a quite warm summer that appeals to most visitors from June until September; the warmest months being July and August when temperatures soar in the cities, while coastal or island locations offer more of a breeze and the opportunity to cool off in the sea. Between May and September the islands feature a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot dry days and warm, pleasant evenings. Winters are mild, but do expect rain.


Greece features 15 international airports in various cities while the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is the main one connecting Greece to the rest of the world.
Athens International Airport, located about 30km east of Athens, was officially opened in March 2001and can handle 65 take-offs and landings per hour, or 600 per day. Capacity could be expanded to accommodate 50 million passengers a year.

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