The Cyclades, in Greece, is the most popular island complex in the Greek islands. The name of the group comes from the Greek word cyclos, which means circle, as all the islands form a circle around Delos,  the ancient trade, political and religious center of the world. According to the Greek mythology, Poseidon, God of the sea, furious at the Cyclades nymphs turned them into islands.

This group of islands consists of 21 bigger islands and 20 smaller ones, all of them a delight; each has its own special character and charm. The Cyclades are considered by most to be the typical part of Greece, with its charming white washed houses and windmills, its beautiful sunny beaches, the ancient ruins, small taverns with good food and wine are found everywhere.

The villages of the Cyclades mostly distinguish for the unique Cycladic architecture: whitewashed sugar houses, colorful windows and doors, white churches with blue domes and traditional windmills. Mykonos Town and Naoussa in Paros are wonderful samples of Cycladic architecture, let apart the caldera villages of Santorini that distinguish for their amazing beauty and the breathtaking view. The capital of the islands are called Chora and most of these capitals were built on the slopes of hills in the Medieval times for security reasons, in order to have good view to the sea and be prepared against pirate attacks.

The Cyclades islands in Greece are famous for the amazing beaches with the golden sand and the exotic waters. These beaches actually constitute the main attractions of the islands. They are the perfect places to lay under the hot sun, enjoy a relaxing swim in the Aegean Sea and get away from the troubles of daily life during your fabulous Cyclades holidays. Super Paradise in Mykonos, Golden Beach in Paros, and the Red Beach in Santorini are among the most famous beaches. Either cosmopolitan or secluded, these beaches will give you all relaxation you need in summer holidays.

Millions of Greek and foreign visitors come to the Cyclades every year to enjoy the dazzling light and the crystal blue waters, in the quest of the paradise on earth.

Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Tinos are the most popular islands of the group and receive millions of visitors every summer. You can enjoy the lively nightlife of Mykonos, the tourist heart of Greece, the cosmopolitan flavour of Paros, Naxos , the natural beauty and architectural style of Santorini and of course Tinos, the center of the orthodox faith. The group is world famous for the Cycladic architecture. Our Cyclades travel guide will give you all the necessary information with many holidays destinations to understand the region and organize your Cyclades holidays. The rest of the Cyclades keep a lower profile in tourism. In any case, all the islands have a wonderful architecture, amazing beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Holidays in Cyclades can be cosmopolitan or totally remote, depending on your preferences. All these Greek islands provide amazing holiday destinations for romantic couples, groups of friends or families

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