Religious Tourism

The Spirit of Greece

The wealth of Greece’s Byzantine monuments, ecclesiastic architecture and art, innumerable churches and monasteries constitute our country as one of the main destinations for religious pilgrims due to its rich religious heritage.

Travellers following the steps of St Paul through the biblical sites of Korinthos, Lecheo, Athens, Thessaloniki, Philippei, Christoupolis and the island of Rodos, are on a journey to a unique religious experience.

Patmos is best known for the monastery of St. John and the nearby Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John received his visions and wrote the Book of Revelation.

An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, Mount Athos has enjoyed an autonomous statute since Byzantine times. Home to about 20 monasteries Mount Athos is forbidden to women and children.

In Meteora, twenty-four monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the eremitic ideal in the 15th century.

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