Macedonia, the kingdom of Alexander the Great, is one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, rich in natural beauty, history, and archaeology and great food. Thessaloniki, its capital, is the most cosmopolitan city in Greece. Though it is popular with tourists from the north, because they can drive here, there are still large areas that are unexploited including many beaches you might have entirely to yourself.

Macedonia is a small nation with a complex and fascinating history. Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman history, it offers impressive ancient sites side by side with buzzing modernity, managing to pack in much more activity and natural beauty than would seem possible for a country its size

The region of Macedonia in Greece covers the largest part of northern Greece. It varies geographically, as it has long coastline, impressive mountainsides and large plains, too. Macedonia Greece is a perfect place for summer and winter holidays. The most popular summer destinations in Macedonia are Halkidiki, Pieria and Kavala, famous for the fabulous beaches and the relaxing atmosphere. Winter destinations include Kastoria, Florina, Loutra Pozar and Mount Olympus, places that distinguish for their natural beauty. Do not miss a visit to the interesting sightseeings of the region, including Dion, Vergina, Pella and Philippi.

This lovely town is famous for the long history, the relaxing paces of life and the vivid nightlife. Walking along the beach promenade of Thessaloniki is the most popular activity in this town that is perfect for a city break. Generally each town has a unique character and natural beauty. Florina, Kastoria, Edessa, Drama and Kavala are among the most beautiful towns, while all around the region you will find small mountainous villages with traditional architecture.

A region with large coastline, Macedonia, in Greece, has many beaches that attract thousands of visitors every summer.

The most popular beach resorts are found in Halkidiki. Sani, Armenistis, Kallithea are the most famous beaches of Halkidiki, while a drive around will bring you to secluded beaches with fabulous natural beauty and crystal water. Halkidiki is a popular summer destination with gorgeous beaches. Thessaloniki is a lovely place for sightseeing and due to the busy airport, it serves as a main transportation hub for northern Greece.

Now Macedonia is the second largest prefecture in Greece and its capital, Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. The beautiful Prespa lakes are one of Europes most important bird sanctuaries and Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. Thessaloniki is rich in culture and is perhaps the most entertaining city in Greece when it comes to nightlife and eating out and is the birthplace of some of Greece’s finest musicians and basketball players. The city of Kastoria on lake Orestiada is concidered to be Greece’s most beautiful city by the Greeks themselves. The Halkidiki Peninsula with its three prongs of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos run from crowded tourist resorts to beautiful remote beaches all the way to simple monasticism.

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