Patmos is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, most famous for being the location of both the vision of and the writing of the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation. One of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese complex.

Patmos’ main communities are Chora the capital city, and Skala, the only commercial port. Other settlements are Grikou and Kampos. The churches and communities on Patmos are of the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

According to tradition Patmos is world famous as the island where Saint John was inspired and wrote the Apocalypse, this mysterious book of Christianity. In fact, the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of Apocalypse are the most important sights in Patmos Greece. Thousands of pilgrims come to Patmos every year to visit these two religious monuments that are so connected to this island with the spiritual vibes. Due to this spirituality, festivals of religious music and other events are organized there in summer in an effort to connect Patmos with its past.

Patmos is a great island to relax and get away from daily routine. The most organized beaches in Patmos are Skala, Agriolivado and Livadi Geranou. There are also many Patmos beaches with less facilities but rich in natural beauty. The majority of Patmos beaches can be accessed by foot from Skala. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Patmos island.

impresses with its immense natural beauty, its rich cultural tradition, its picturesque villages and coves, and the multitude of tourist activities that calls the traveller in a revelation trip. The traditional white color, the houses and alleys of Hora, the three windmills on the island, nightlife in the picturesque port of Skala and the cosmopolitan town,the paths and routes that visitors can follow, the idyllic landscape, the beautiful beaches and the surrounding islets all harmoniously combined, make up an ideal tourist destination that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Patmos, like a paradise on earth, awaits its guests to reveal them all of its beauty that derives not only by its nature, but also by one Supreme Power that may determine its fate and destination.

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