Messinia, in the south-western tip of mainland Greece, embodies the most symbolic chapters of Greek history. The monuments, α unique mosaic of the area’s long history and witnesses of its long history, stand proud and charismatic over a story of 4,500 years.

The many prehistoric sites discovered by archaeological excavations, mainly in the west of the county, show a land that has been inhabited throughout the prehistoric period (7000-1000 BC) particularly the areas of Pilia and Trifylia ( Hora, Englianos, Malthi, Handrinos, Korifasion). The first Messinian inhabitants were Leleges and Kafkones, who were not of Greek origin, and Aeolians who came from Thessaly and settled in Ancient Andania, near Diavolitsi. The area of Ancient Pylos (near present day Hora) was settled and Nileas, father of Nestor, founded the state of Pylos. The descent of the Greeks is placed at around 1900 BC and the heyday of the state of Pylos was established between 1600 – 1100 BC, therefore in Mycenaean times. The Mycenaean finds discovered all over the Peloponnese show how this culture flourished in the region.

Messinia will take your breath away. This land filled with contrasts and welcoming inhabitants is only two hours drive away from Athens. See its vast olive groves, green valleys, mountains, gorges and coves. Numerous small or long sandy beaches, with calm waters or huge waves that will satisfy families or aspiring surfers. Small mountainous cliff-hanging villages with breathtaking views will blow your mind away. Make a point in tasting the large variety of traditional dishes in the nearby tavernas. Messinia invites you to discover all she has to offer and explore her beauties.

While you tour Messinia don’t miss Pylos, Nestor’s Palace, Methoni and Koroni. Choose your base and discover the surrounding region. The main square of Pylos town will make it hard for you to leave your seat as it is filled with cafés under a nice shadow created by the old plane trees. Stone built houses, unique architectural tradition, picturesque little shops and mesmerising castles will fill your travel itinerary with dreamlike stops. Each impressive big castle has its own story to tell. They all used to protect against pirate invasions. Methoni’s castle is built on rocks that extend from land into the sea and is especially nice during sunset.