A coastal village with 1079 inhabitants. It is 43,5 km to the Northwest of Pyrgos distance from kastro kyllinis village 3 km. The area has been populated since the Prehistoric Times. In the ancient Times it was the haven of Ileians. It flourished during the Frankish domination when it was called Glarenia becoming not only an important port, but also a commercial and economic center. It was named Killini after the name of a nearby ancient town. It was surrounded by powerful walls with battlements and towers.

Today important port for access to the Ionian Islands of Kefalonia and Zakinthos. The island is linked by car-ferry with the port of Kyllini on the northwestern coast of Peloponnese. There are at least four departures per day. The distance is 18 nautical miles and the duration of crossing is about one hour.