The city of Volos is located at the foot of the peninsula of Pelion in the centre of Greece. It is situated at an approximately equal distance between the country’s capital, Athens, and the second major city, Thessaloniki. The city of Volos is the politic and economic capital of the prefecture and has a population of 71,000 inhabitants. Volos is the main export centre of Thessaly. The city of Volos was founded in the mid 19th century.

The area’s mythical background captivates the visitor’s imagination. Magnesia features in some of the most remarkable tales in Greek mythology. The progenitor of its peoples was Magnes, son of Zeus and Aeolus, yet Magnesia is believed to be the birthplace of a strange race, the Centaurs, beings which were part equine, part human and originated from the union of Nephele and Ixion. Asclepius and Achilles were, among others, pupils of the Centaur Chiron. The famous Argonaut expedition, one of the greatest epics in the Greek mythological cycle, set sail from the Pagasetic Gulf.

Pelion, the mountain of the 24 villages and dozen settlements, of the rich nature and the cultural affluence, of the culinary tradition and distinctive architecture has an important history as well that one should know before visiting. Since ancient years there have been reports of habitation in this historical mountain while in many periods of history, from ancient times till today great events occurred. Traditions, legends, captivating myths and historical battles took place in the region of Pelion while legendary creatures, warriors and mythical heroes walked or lived here. Every region and village has its own unique folk story of habitation and naming of, all of which marked important events that made it widely known.

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