Piraeus is one of the largest cities in Greece and is a municipality within Athens urban area. The city is located just 6 miles to the southern of Athens city centre and is one of the most important & ancient commercial-cum-leading port in the Mediterranean.

The city lies to the west of the Piraeus peninsula, while to the east are a number of private harbors, namely the Mikrolimano and the Zea Marina (Pasalimani). The city is connected to Athens by an active railway and metro network which end at Atki Kalimassioti.

The main port of Athens and one of the largest in Europe is the Port of Piraeus located in the Mediterranean Sea basin. The Port of Piraeus served as the port of Athens since the ancient times. The passenger port its self has an enormous passenger traffic throughout the year ,not to forget that Greece has more that 200 inhabitant islands that their main connection with the mainland is via the Piraeus port. Daily numerous ferries and other liners departing or arriving in Piraeus.

The port is extended to Keratsini, Ikonio and Perama for the cargo and container ships and further more to Skaramangas Aspropyrgos and Elefsina. In fact the cost line of the greater area of Piraeus port can be calculate in 30-40 kilometres about including the above docks, shipyards , anchorages and ports. Piraeus port unlike other ports is mainly the hart of Piraeus, around the port you will find all kind of shops, markets, restaurants, hotels but mainly shipping offices. Piraeus is the centre of the Greek shipping industry, most of the Greek shipping companies have here their offices, many Greek ship owners the last 20 years transfer their main offices from London to Piraeus.

Today the port has been developed in a modern port especially after the Olympics. New passenger check in buildings, new entrance gates, cafeterias, cantinas and restaurants have been improved. All cargo ships has been transferred to Keratsini and Ikonio so the main port area is only for the passenger ships and Greek ferries sailing for the Greek islands. Looking back in history Piraeus has been the main Athenian port since antiquity. From here the ancient Greek ships where sailing to the Athenian colonies in South Italy ,Sicily and in other Greek colonies in the Mediterranean.

Central Piraeus is not a place where visitors choose to linger because it’s congested with traffic. Beyond its shipping offices, banks and public buildings are a jumble of pedestrian precincts, shopping strips and rather grungy areas. The most attractive quarter lies to the east around Zea Marina and touristy Mikrolimano harbour, which is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars.