Naxos Greece sits at the heart of the central Cyclades group of Greek islands and is one of the group’s most mountainous. Naxos is a big island but most tourism is confined to the south-west coast where resorts are peppered along a huge blonde swathe of sand.

With its long history, important monuments and intense tourist life, it occupies a distinct place among the Cycladic islands. No matter how many days you stay on Naxos, there will always surely be more hidden niches to discover, beaches you haven’t seen, towers and forts you did not have time to visit, ancient temples whose secrets remain a mystery.

Naxos Town port has a large harbour with the noted Portaras gate sitting proud on the offshore islet of Palatia and the walled kastro towering above a tangled web of narrow whitewashed streets. Inland is some very impressive mountain scenery, particularly around Mount Zas where abundant springs and rich soil help create lush green valleys of citrus orchards and olive groves. Rich farming mean the islanders have little need to attract tourism so Naxos maintains a strong Greek identity, particularly in the many unspoilt traditional hill villages.

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