Kalabaka is a municipality in the Trikala regional unit, part of Thessaly in Greece. The Meteora monasteries are located in the town. Kalampaka is a town with a very rich and long history, are actually miracles of nature. Itself and should not be assessed as merely sharing the glory of the Meteora pinnacles that tower over it. There are a generous number of restaurants, shops and cafes precisely because of the economic importance of tourism to this town.

On top of these impressive pinnacles, many monasteries were constructed in the Byzantine times. Although today only six of these monasteries operate, they form the second largest monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos. The view from the top of the rocks to the valley below is just breathtaking. On the wall of one of the town’s oldest churches, Saint John the Baptist, there’s a Greek inscription about an ancient Greek settlement under the name Eginio.

Kalambaka may be dismissed as one more drab modern town, useful only as a base to explore the fabled Meteora complex north of town. A stroll in the main squares, offers a taste of everyday life in a provincial Thessalian town. This will prove quite a contrast to an afternoon spent at nearby Meteora, where you can get acquainted with the glorious history and architecture of the Greek Orthodox Church. If you’d rather stay in a more attractive place slightly closer to the monasteries, head to Kastraki. If you have seen pictures of Greece or spend any time looking through travel brochures then you have certainly been impressed by the monasteries perched on top of enormous rocks and have probably wondered how on earth they built them.

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