Best beaches in Europe 2017

There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful beaches in Europe, but some are simply more beautiful than others. You’ll see familiar sites like Italy, but fresher ones like Iceland (yes, you read correctly), too, in our picks for the ten best beaches across the continent.

Top 10 Most Amazing Greek Islands

Milos Milos is largely an undiscovered island, with perhaps the most interesting coastline of any other island this size in the world. Milos is very vivid and colorful. It is no coincidence that it’s been nicknamed as the island of colors.

Milos: secret Greek island of the summer

Among the islands of the Cyclades, even of the world, Milos stands luminously in the history of art. Not because a great artist came from here, or was inspired by it, but rather because of a chance discovery in its soil.


Pure indescribable beauty. Priceless treasures await your discovery. Secret beaches far from the madding crowds, hidden bays, demanding yet rewarding, charming island villages awash in light, ancient traditions, authentic, unsullied flavours. Unusual islands off the beaten track.

How to explore the Greek Islands!

Most traveling around Greece tends to focus on the Greek Islands and for good reason—they’re beautiful, cheap, relaxing, exciting, and did I mention beautiful?

10 Reasons To Visit Greece!

My top reasons to vacation, study abroad, or even work in Greece. 1. The food. I love being fit as much as the next girl, but my favorite part of traveling is always trying new foods and pastries, and Greece is the best place to try new foods. Greece is great for carnivores and vegans

Peloponnese a journey to the mythical south!

Timeless scenic villages, ancient monuments, and mediaeval castles, rich history,natural beauty and spectacular beaches make the Peloponnese a year-round holiday destination!

Editors’ Secrets: Our Off-the-Beaten-Path Vacations

Likoma Island, Lake Malawi I don’t remember who told me about this magical speck of land in the middle of Lake Malawi, but I remember where I was at the time. I had just arrived in Lilongwe, Malawi, with no plan of attack other than to wander around the country for two weeks. On my

Pelion – a perfect corner of Greece!

Greece isn’t best known for its mainland; it’s the islands that always take the limelight. But make for Pelion and you’ll find a secret stretch of coast with sleepy fishing villages and deserted beaches, where the swimming is heaven and you can go completely off-grid I usually want to go somewhere to see something old

The Most Underrated Places to Visit in Greece in 2017!

The word is out for Athens, Santorini, Zakynthos, Rhodes and Crete, so how about you give these lesser-known destinations a chance to seduce you for a change? Travel off the beaten track and discover the most underrated destinations to visit in Greece. Evia Close to Athens, making it a favourite long weekend destination to the Athenians, Evia