Christmas spirit shines bright in Trikala

Trikala, in the region of Thessaly has earned its title as the leading winter destination in Greece as it offers spectacular nature, boutique accommodation, endless outdoor activities, buzzing nightlife and an array of attractions close by. During the festive season it is now famous for the “Mill of Elves,” which used to be a water

Peloponese : Dimitsana A Town of Arcadian Delights

Historic Dimitsana offers a great package of experiences, from nature activities to delicious local cuisine The fog hovering over the gorge ascends towards Dimitsana, dimming the view of the town’s charming stone houses. The wind blowing past the rocks on either side of the Lousios Gorge entrance is the only audible sound. Visitors could well

Top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers

World Philosophy Day was introduced in 2002 by UNESCO to honour philosophical reflection in the entire world by opening up free and accessible spaces. Its objective is to encourage the peoples of the world to share their philosophical heritage and to open their minds to new ideas, as well as to inspire a public debate


Greece, endowed with beauty and a rich tradition, invites you to go on a special Christmas journey through all the senses; to taste, smell, see and feel the authentic Yuletide spirit through a plethora of seasonal delights. The first snows of the winter transforms mountain villages, their traditional dwellings and spiraling peaks, into a scene

5 Reasons Zagori’s Papigo is a Mountain Paradise

White-water rafting on rivers so clean you can drink from them, hikes along forested trails and great local food are just some of the region’s attractions. Here are 5 reasons this is one of the best seasons to visit the charming villages of Mikro and Megalo (Big and Small) Papigo in the heart of this

A journey to Lakoniki Mani

Welcome to Lakoniki Mani where you can see and enjoy stone built houses and impressive towers next to prickly pear cacti, dashing old tower villages, impressive caves, byzantine churches, beautiful beaches and unique local gastronomy. Let yourself be taken by the wild beauty of the rocks next to the sea. Discover Lakoniki Mani and its

Autumn holidays in Greece

Autumn, sun and sea in Greece During this season, the weather in Greece is ideal for holidays. The countryside takes on an autumnal glow, the sea stays warm enough for swimming, the resorts become a bit quieter, and the earth delivers its bounty of olives and grapes, oil and wine. Nature in Greece during autumn

How to spend a weekend in Greece!

Friday Evening After you’ve settled into your hotel or accommodation, head to Syntagma, the heart of the city. Use it as a landmark while you’re exploring town. Walk up to the Parliament house, where the Tomb of the Unknown soldier lies and watch the changing of the guards. This ritual is done on the hour


City break in Athens Your airplane makes its descent towards Athens. This metropolis with its infinite, rich history and modern vitality welcomes you to experience a weekend filled with incredible imagery. From the New Acropolis Museum to the Agora, ancient Greece will come to life before your eyes. The centre of Athens will surprise you.


Amazing beaches, unique natural beauty and an abundance of entertainment options introduce you to the most exciting holiday of your life. In the heart of Greece, Thessaly, with its exhilarating  nature, and the Sporades, the beautiful lush green islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, are going to seduce you. Majestic mountains (Kissavos), geological marvels (Meteora),

Top 25 Attractions & Things To Do In Greece

Spread over a number of picture perfect islands and elevated on the Olympus Massive, lapped by the emerald sea and topped off with the azure sky, Greece continually bombards the senses with multiple sensations. Whitewashed houses and traditional coastal taverns abut mind-blowing ancient ruins and staggering natural treasures. The sun never fails to caress the